The effect of the latest resignation

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The great resignation is still happening around the world, employees leaving their jobs and that make us rethink that the big quit as more than just a group of dissatisfied employees, but as a «big change» in which individuals continue to prioritize their lives and the way they think about the work.

Based on these findings, we’ve some tips to rebuilding employee trust, retaining them, and combating the effects of mass quitting in your own company. Going from a huge resignation to a «big change»

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Even before the coronavirus, small changes in the career focus of the average employee have gradually evolved into what it means to be a professional over the decades.

It was common to join an organization at the age of 20 or even less of that and stay there until retirement.

But today to the Millennials and Gen Z give priority to other aspects.

One of the plausible reasons youngs quit is that Millennials and Gen Z have been among the hardest hit financially over the past two years.

Nearly a third of Millennials reporting more credit card debt than savings and about half of Gen Zers with less emergency savings now than before the pandemic.

Employees prioritize fair compensation

«Living pay» is recognized as the most important thing that employees value in their organization. Compete for full compensation, not just higher salaries

Once workers think about a totally new industry, they also worry about union-life equality, flexibility (hybrid, remote, etc.), and benefits.

So if your company can’t provide a higher base salary than your attendees, there’s still a lot you can do to attract and retain talented candidates, including putting in place a comprehensive compensation package and a supportive culture.


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Employees want a positive work environment

The most relevant aspect of the workplace is working in a positive environment.

Lack of work/life balance can be a reason to employees leave the job if you don´t offer a place with good timework and a confortable environment.

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Currently, the employees give more importance to their mental health so, they probably stayed longer in places that prioritize their health and psychological well-being.

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While our own fathers and grandparents were more likely to keep a job, even if it was miserable, the most relevant research shows that the culture of prostration was never really a good thing, and modern employees are simply unwilling to endure a toxic workspace.

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